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Angel Brand Bissy 2oz

Bissy, Cola nut,  is a seed from the cola nut plant. Bissy is a staple in most household of Jamaica.

Angel Brand Cerasse .25oz

This bitter-tasting vine is widely used by those desiring to “purify” their blood. Comes also in tea bags.


Makes a refreshing but bitterish drink.

Breezy Morning Cold Relief 1.6OZ

Description New! Great Ginger Taste! With Echinacea Root Sip… Breath…Feel Better! Sip…Breath…Smile…Relax and Feel Better!What’s wrong? Sinuses clogged? Cold got

Grace fish tea 45g

A delicious soup made from real fish – sure to tempt any seafood lover. Served hot, Grace Fish Tea captures

Guinea Hen Weed

Petiveria alliacea is a species of flowering plant in the pokeweed family, Phytolaccaceae, that is native to Florida and the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas in the United States,[2] Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and tropical South

Jamaican MOUNTAIN PEAK Instant Coffee 6oz

This coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans and is said to be one of the finest instant coffees.