Breezy Morning Cold Relief 1.6OZ

Breezy Morning Cold Relief 1.6OZ


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Product Description

  • New! Great Ginger Taste!
  • With Echinacea Root
  • Sip... Breath...Feel Better!
Sip...Breath...Smile...Relax and Feel Better!What's wrong? Sinuses clogged? Cold got you down? Not to worry. Brew a delicious cup of Cold Relief Tea and feel better. We can't cure your cold but our zingy blend of herbs with the added kiss of echinacea and kiss of echinacea and kick of spice is bound to lift your spirit while it helps clear your head. Nobody wants a cold but as long as you have to suffer with one isn't it nice to have a treat as good for you as treatment.It's going to get better. We promise.Created by Mother Nature, brought to you by Breezy Morning.All Breezy Morning Herbal Tea is...
  • 100% Caffeine Free
  • 100% Pure & Natural
Suggested Use
For Hot Tea:Pour boiling water over teabag. Brew 6-8 minutes or to taste. The longer the brew, the stronger the taste.
Supplement Facts
100% all natural herbs ginger root, sorrel, echinacea root (angustifolia), mullein, schizandra, spice & natural flavor.


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