Angel Brand Bissy 2oz

Angel Brand Bissy 2oz



Product Description

Bissy, Cola nut,  is a seed from the cola nut plant. Bissy is a staple in most household of Jamaica. It is used as an antidote for allergic reaction.

Bissy, Cola nut hails from Africa - Nigeria and many West African countries uses it a part of their culture as foods, flavoring, stimulant and in medicine.

In America, many uses has being employed, Bissy used for short-term relief of fatigue, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), melancholy, lack of normal muscle tone (atony), exhaustion, dysentery, a type of diarrhea called atonic diarrhea, weight loss, and migraineheadaches.

Some claims it detoxes from recreational drug use, such as Marijuana, and cocaine.


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